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#findmike, Google buy Nest, Headpace mindfullness app

#findmike Jonny Benjamin attempted to take his own life on Waterloo Bridge, London in 2008 when a passerby approached him and offered to buy him a coffee and talk. When Jonny agreed and climbed back over the railings, the police were on hand and he didn’t get a chance to find out the name of the stranger. Jonny was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and since then has become a campaigner for mental health. He has teamed up with Rethink Mental Illness to launch a social media campaign to #findmike, the stranger who gave him hope.

Google own your Nest. Nest is that innovative company that managed to rethink the smoke detector by giving it the Apple treatment to make it practically functional and beautiful. Clever Google this week snapped the firm up for a tidy $3.2 billion. Why would the information giant be interested in household hardware, we wonder?

Snaffling Nest means grabbing their CEO, Tony Fadell. Fadell was the engineer who put the original iPod together for Apple. Perhaps Fadell’s talent might go towards making Google Glass something ordinary folk might find acceptable to wear?

Wired has another slant on Google’s motivation: they want to know what we’re doing when we’re not online:

This may sound creepy, but much like using Google for search, it could become the price of admission for participation in the internet of things. Every choice we make using connected devices leaves a trace. And no one is better than Google at figuring out how to turn those traces into dollars.

Perhaps Google is so determined to force us into Google+ that we’ll have to activate an account with them before we can call the fire brigade?

Stressed out? *Don’t* turn off your devices… On New Year’s Day, did you resolve to go offline more or not take screens into the bedroom to reduce that ‘always on’ anxiety and stress? Have you begun your meditation or yoga classes as well as turning off your iDevice? Think again. Headspace is a year-long programme designed to help you learn how to be mindful and reduce anxiety, increase happiness, boost your immune system and all that good stuff. Now that neuroscience has demonstrated that meditation can physically (yes!) change our brains, it’s safe to turn to mindfulness as a way to tackle depression, stress, anxiety and all that nasty stuff (without taking on the associated woo-woo).

With an app for Android and iOS, Headspace gradually teach you how to meditate in 10 minute bursts. Try it out for 10 days for free and it’s a very reasonable £3.74 a month. Ruby Wax has been a powerful advocate for the scientific grounding of mindfulness and her book, Sane New World, is an excellent, entertaining introduction to the evidence and rationale. Highly recommended. is now From a popculture WordPress blog called Daddy or Chips?  in 2006 (sample post ‘Gutted! Great tracks that bombed; 1. SOS by ABC) to a technology-based blog/website in 2012, we’re mutating again into a website-with-a-blog. is where I’m setting out my stall as a supplier of various social media and writing services. I’m open for business particularly for those of you who may be looking for help getting started with your online life.

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