mnmlist: Airline woes, Heartbleed and measuring your musical snobbery

xkcd explains Heartbleed

Baffled about Heartbleed? With so much information, often conflicting, it’s tempting to pretend you never heard of the vulnerability that potentially exposes passwords and other data. Keep your wits about you and start small. Digital Spy have a clear explanation of what it is and what you can do. No panicking allowed…

It’s been a funny week for airlines.  US Airways accidentally tweeted an eye-wateringly NSFW image in response to a customer complaint (Buzzfeed). Northern Munky, who has some experience handling high-profile brands on social media offers some insight into how these things happen and how they can be avoided (US Airways: Not A Virgin Airline?).

Then a Dutch teenager trolled American Airlines (and has been arrested) (The Wire). This has prompted a rash of similar “threats” from teens to the airline. Stupidity or “beautiful teenage protest against an overzealous security state”? (Washington Post)

Meanwhile Ryanair, that most traditionally belligerent of airlines, continues its rebrand to be more user-friendly/push back against Easyjet with their first TV spots. Wonders will never cease… (The Drum). Maybe Michael O’Leary should have got these two older ladies to try their first flight on his airline? The results may not have been as joyful as this… (Sploid)

Tech bits Can an under-appreciated iOS7 feature transform Internet connectivity? Cult of Mac explains the potential of Firechat, an app that uses Multipeer Connectivity Framework. to allow users to chat without an Internet connection.

Thinking of launching a Kickstarter campaign? You might want to check out Prefundia, an app that claims to predict the likely success of a campaign. (Mashable)

This also happens

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