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What we do:

One Hour Only: The fastest way to find out what you could be doing with Social.

Take an hour with an expert to get a general overview of what your business could do with social media. Use the time to learn about the various social media platforms and how they can further your objectives.

Learn about the principles of effective social media marketing, reputation enhancement and networking. Your expert will have the facts, case studies and theory to answer your questions.

You’ll be surprised at how much ground can be covered in Only One Hour.

Social Media Sense

Getting started with Social Media

Our Social Media Sense service enables you to get the fundamentals of an effective social media strategy in place.

Starting with a full audit of your marketing goals (while keeping an eye on your competitors), the Sense package identifies the best social media platforms to reach your target audience, how to create content that will present you in the best light and make people want to share while teaching you how to share, track and engage online.

We’ll also be on hand for three months to support you as you grow.


Social: On call

I’m looking for a more personalised approach.

You need to understand social media from a professional (or personal) perspective. You would benefit most from having someone on call to answer immediate questions, research or offer an informed perspective on social media-related issues relevant to you when you need it.

  • Available as a per hour service or on retainer.
  • Available by phone, email or in person (London area).
  • If I don’t know the answer or don’t have enough information at hand when you ask, I will kick my professional, postgraduate research skills into action and get back to you when I have what you need.
  • An understanding of City time-critical, results-driven ethos in a friendly, efficient style.