mnmlist: The Week in Social: Mavericks, Mutants, Teens and Drag Queens – how to make people care about you online.

Diptic image of Leland Bobbé, Apple Mavericks & Facebook Privacy

It’s kind of a drag.

Far from being careless online, teens can runs rings around us when it comes to privacy. Take a peek at some hidden features in Apple’s Mavericks. The X Men hype machine takes to Vine and Instagram. Leland Bobbé’s beautiful portraits of men in half drag, and some advice about how you present your words online.

I need a little lie down.

Apple released the latest version of OSX this week. Having run out of cats, the Californians have moved onto local placenames starting with the awkwardly-plural Mavericks (a surfing locale round their parts). While not a huge leap in terms of functionality, it has the distinction of being Apple’s first completely free iteration of their operating system.  There are some nifty low-key new features though as this short clip from Lifehacker demonstrates.

It also has the distinction of botching up my iMac on install which has provided me with an opportunity to start from scratch with a clean install (long overdue) and to remind everyone to back their stuff up before diving in to major upgrades.

No one cares about you. That may sound a bit harsh, but Rupert Bradshaw at pH Creative means well. ‘Whether you’re writing tweets, on-page copy, blogs or email content – always ask yourself why you’ve written what you’ve written. If it’s just because you want people to know it, that’s not good enough,’ he writes.  ‘It only deserves to be there of it provides some value to the reader.’

Half-drag. Good content doesn’t have to be practical; the reader will also appreciate content that entertains or educates. Leland Bobbé’s striking portraits of men half in drag have been doing the rounds online over the last couple of weeks. Eschewing digital effects, the images show both the male and female alter egos in one snap. The photographer has helpfully rounded up all of the coverage on his blog and you can find the full gallery on imgur.

Worried about your teens using social media? Afraid that they aren’t savvy enough about privacy for example? Jacqui Cheung of Ars Technica prepared a four-hour workshop on privacy settings for a group of Chicago teens recently. Her presentation was met with utter boredom as she learned that these kids are far more conscious of privacy than older people. And some of their techniques are ingenious: they deleted their Facebook profiles instead of logging off. This meant that their data was not visible to The Olds but could be reactivated next time they logged in. The whole piece is an (enjoyable) eye-opener.

X Men: Days of Future Past hits the cinemas next May, but the publicity machine has already kicked in. Teaser trailers are nothing new, but 20th Century Fox have turned to Instagram and Vine to launch the movie which will feature the casts from the X Men trilogy and the First Class reboot. Director Bryan Singer takes to Twitter on Monday for a chat and users can participate with the hashtags #AskSinger and #XMen. It’s a whole new world…


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