mnmlist: Discussion between Pet Shop Boys and Parlophone about ‘strategy’


PSB: “We hope you like our new direction! Guitars!”

Parlophone: “Love it! What do you want as first single?” {Please say Home and Dry}

PSB: “Home and Dry”

Parl: “Yay! This is why we love you guys; you still have your finger on the pulse. And for the video…?”

PSB: “About that...”


PSB: “Hi guys! Album time again. This time, we think that…”

Parl: “You think nothing. This time we talk, you listen. No rats, no poncy boring youths being androgenous. This time the first single will be ‘I’m With Stupid’ and you shall make a proper video with the Little Britain guys because the punters love them. Not rats.”

PSB: “Um, ok. But we choose the second single.”

Parl: “Fine, but you will have a budget of about £65 for the video (no rats)”


PSB: “Hi guys! We’ve gone all pop again. AND it’s our turn to choose first single and the video!”

Parl: “Shit. OK, but we get to choose the second single and remember not to spend too much money on the video. And no frigging rats.”

PSB: “Deal! Oh, and we’ll put Did You See Me Coming? on the b side and give it away for free with the Mail on Sunday

Parl: “Um…. are you sure….?” [whispers to marketing people] We can still put that out as a single again anyway, right?”

Marketing: “Oh yeah, nobody buys PSB singles except the fans and they’ll buy ANYTHING”

PSB: “What are you talking about over there?”

Parl & Marketing: “Nothing! Love the new specs!”

Did You See Me Coming? is out on 1 June as the 2nd single from Yes. (Despite the fact that it was a b-side to Love Etc, an album track and included on the 2.5 million copies of the PSB CD given away for free with the Mail on Sunday. I’m sure there is logic in this somewhere.)