mnmlist: Daddy’s mp3reets: Gypsy & The Cat/Dublin Aunts, Susanne Sundfør, The Hidden Cameras vs Pet Shop Boys

1. The Piper’s Song (Dublin Aunts Remix)- Gypsy & The Cat

Neither from Dublin or indeed Aunts.

I first rattled on about these chaps back in July last year. Since then, they’ve released one fantastic album, generated ‘buzz’ and are currently supporting Kylie on tour! Here is one of the standout tracks on Gilgamesh remixed by Melbourne outfit, the misleadingly-titled Dublin Aunts.

Gypsy & The Cat Official Site

Dublin Aunts on Facebook

2. The Brother (Uphill Racer Remix)- Susanne Sundfør

Far less moody looking than track suggests

I think I heard the haunting original version of this on Dermot O’Leary’s Radio 2 show a few months ago. It froze me to the spot. For some perverse reason it’s not available in the UK to download (yet?) but she’s had a remix competition and here is the winner.

Susanne Sundfør Official Site

Uphill Racer Official Site

3. Colour Of A Man (Pet Shop Boys Remix) - The Hidden Cameras

I think about half of them are missing.

One of the best live acts I’ve ever seen remixed by, well, you know how I feel about PSB. That said, I do think that PSB make for slightly anaemic remixes and this is a bit wispy. The thinness allows the poppy hooks of the track to emerge a little more clearly than the original version which is a tad cluttered takes a while to reveal itself.

The Hidden Cameras Official Site

Pet Shop Boys Official Site